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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

You taught me...

my dear sayang..

love is the most beautiful gift to us by Allah. im so grateful sayang to have you in my life. I trust you, I know you will never let me fall. My trust in you will never fade away. Even we are miles and miles apart, you are still holding all of my heart because we are inseparable. Do you see how much I trust you? Do you know how much I trust you? We don't put ourselves in a position to be tested or break trust.  Even when we are miles apart, our relationship comes first.

When I'm with you, I feel like i'm out of control. you taught me how to handle life seriously. you taught me how to solve my problems and to face it without  any fear. With you, I feel no fear. you are so special and I wish with all of my heart that i am truly the one for you, whenever wherever you need me.

after all, I guess we are at our best when we are miles apart. what i wanted to tell you this time is, I trust you.  Even you are miles apart from me. Yes, I do believe you. and still, after all you are the only one I'm able to undoubtedly trust. you are the only one who knows all my secrets. you are the only one I don't have to hide myself anymore

heeeyy boy next door! but if he didn't , I would still trust him and love him completely (and he can trust me :)

And I miss you.. And I love you.. Always have.. Always will.. Take good care of yourself, me and us. Night (-_-)  

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