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Thursday, 16 June 2011

a FriENd iN nEEd's a FriENd iNdEEd

hyee peeps, have a great weekend..

Lets talk about friend. Being a good guy/girl to be around, you'll get more friends than you could ever imagine.We all want to have true friends, but the quality of our friends depend on us.In addition, being a true friend is a good way to solve relationships problem. It’s difficult to change other people, but you can always change yourself. You can then solve the otherwise unsolved problems in relationships. Nie ape yang aku fikir2kan laaaa..let's cekidaut; :)

1. befriend yourself (easy but not so easy)
Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. if you don't even accept yourself, how can you accept others? you may have made mistakes in the past that you can't forget. but forgive yourself for them. you perhaps don't have the traits you want in life. but accept yourself as you are. :)

2. Be honest (relationship is nothing when trust is gone)
A dishonest person has no chance of having true friends. (Sincerity may be comforting --> and insincerity: just a lie. But, depends on your motives and what was intended).

3. Accept others
A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are. Other people may do you wrong or have some bad habits you don’t like. But you are not perfect yourself so there is no reason for you not to accept them. (nobody prefect)

4. Never make a promise. (why?? because you know you can't keep it. right?)
Good friendship is based on trust. If you break a friend's trust, the friendship may be very hard to salvage. Of course, if you have made a promise and planned to keep it, but circumstances beyond your control conspire to prevent it, let your friend know as soon as you find out.

5. Take initiative to help

                                          'Make use of your friends by being of use to them.'
                                                              Benjamin Franklin

A true friend doesn't wait until someone asks his help. Instead, he takes the initiative to help others. This, of course, is easier said than done. To do this, you should be on the lookout for needs.

6. Don't be selfish (grabbing, stealing, envying or begging)
That's are big No's in the rules of friendship. The friend will soon get tired of this and eventually move towards more self-less people who are willing to give the same as one gets, but a good friend will not demand it, yet one might mention being tired of it. Even if you are a total wreck, don't expect constant sympathy.


p/s: just follow the golden rules and enjoy having this time because a lot of people need guides. Actually all we need to do is be nice, caring and share!

(dah penat bebel-ing.. have a great day sumer.. <3 )


Hamimi Kun said...

Setuju sangat.Tetapi semuanya berbalik dgn diri kita, termasuk bagaimana kita jaga hati kawan kita.Pesan nenek, "Buat baik,dibalas baik".Ikhlaslah berkawan :)

senorita suri said...

yerp you are correct incik hamimi.. (name manje xder?? he3) .. actually friend no need any cond&term. its depend on us.. how we make it up.. give and take.. not give, take, go.. :P