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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dear girls..

Dear girls, I know some of you guys compare yourselves to other girls, wishing you were photogenic like them, wishing you could look pretty without trying like them, wishing you had facial features like them, wishing you had physical features like them, & then you look in the mirror & say 'Why do I look like this & not like that.' Well, let me tell you this. Don't try to be like them, be like yourself. I can promise you, there is a guy out there right now who thinks you are beautiful exactly the way you are, & thinks you're prettier than the girls you compare yourselves to. Don't change a damn thing about yourself. You're perfect. 

suri che abdul wahab


reenapple said...

yeah... I agree.. =D

senorita suri said...

must be strong..stay focused and not weaken to this unsubtle temptation. :)