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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

what's your number?

hi guys..Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon. I feel so blues today. #malas and #sleepyhead. okehh let's back tot the title. what's your number? first? second? third? scandalicious? one in a million? #sigh#

my 2cent opinion. why would you ( girls ) ever choose to settle down to be someone's second option? there is so much greatness inside of you girls that if someone isn't willing to devote their all to you, you should never let them take advantage of them by giving them your all. when we choose to allow love to blossom in our lives, be sure to pick the flower that will be there in both the sunshine and in the rain. someone who isn't dedicated to being with you through it all, and who would even make an attempt to give someone else the love you deserve, doesn't deserve you. 

Lastly, think smart stay true girls. much love.

(entry dikala menunggu masa nak pulang rumah :p )

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